Celebrating 100 years of Service

Centennial of Naval Station Norfolk

Navy League hosted events

  • CAPT William Crow, USN (Ret) Chairman
  • Ms. Maryellen Baldwin, President & CEO
  • ADM Bill Gortney, USN (Ret)
  • VADM David Archtizel, USN (Ret)
  • VADM James D. McArthur, Jr., USN (Ret)
  • RADM Charles J. Beers, USN (Ret)
  • RADM Jack Kavanaugh, SC, USN (Ret)
  • MajGen Jon A. Gallinetti, USMC (Ret)
  • LtCol John A. Panneton, USMC (RET) 
  • CAPT Christopher “Kit” Chope, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Robert Clark, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Robert Geis, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Ronald Hoppock, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Cameron Ingram, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Louis P. Lalli, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Michael O’Hearn, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Louis Schager, USN (Ret)
  • CDR Charles S. Arrants, USN (Ret)
  • CDR Mark E. Newcomb, JACG, USN (Ret)
  • CMDCM Len Santivasci, USN (Ret))
  • FLTCM Jon Thompson, USN (Ret)
  • FORCM James Monroe, USN (Ret)
  • HON David H. Adams 
  • Mr. Joseph Gianascoli 
  • Mrs. Julie Gifford
  • Mr. John Griffing
  • Mr. Kevin F. King
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Mayo
  • Mrs. Christina Murray

Navy League of the United States, Hampton Roads

Board of Directors

Supporting the Sea Services

The Navy League has grown from its roots to become the foremost citizens’ organization to serve, support, and stand with all U.S. sea services – the Navy, Marine Corps, the Coast Guard, and the U.S. Flag Merchant Marine. Decade after Decade, the Navy League has demonstrated its leadership in advocating superior sea power to safeguard U.S. national security, protect American economic interests, and ensure freedom of the seas.

Our Mission

To support the men and women of the sea services and their families
To support policies and legislation that strengthen the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the U.S. Merchant Marines.
To educate and motivate U.S. citizens about naval matters
To educate government officials on important naval issues

Founded in 1902, the Navy League supports a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine as integral parts of a sound national defense. Through a number of programs, the Navy League educates and informs the American people about sea power in the nuclear age, works to better the conditions under which members of the sea services live and serve, supports the Reserve forces, and educates our youth in the customs and traditions of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine through the means of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.