Naval Station (NAVSTA) Norfolk Commanding Officer Capt. Doug Beaver attended a 100th day of school event at Tarrallton Elementary School in Norfolk.

Each grade, K-5, presented a banner with 100 items each to Beaver to celebrate not only the 100th day but also to recognize the 100th birthday of NAVSTA Norfolk.

“Being afforded the opportunity to come to Tarrallton Elementary to speak about Naval Station Norfolk celebrating 100 years of service and correlating it to 100 days of school has been an honor,” Beaver said. “All the students, faculty and volunteers did such a great job at putting this event together, I was very impressed. We will display the banners with honor.”

Angela Manning, a school volunteer, helped create the banners presented to Beaver.

“The teachers selected the theme of their banner. The kids colored, put their name on the item and we placed them on the banners,” Angela said. “The kids were super excited to learn that the banners they helped create were going to be hung up at Naval Station Norfolk.”

Most of the schools in Norfolk have a large population of military children in attendance.

“Schools have been celebrating 100 days of school for many years to exhibit a halfway benchmark and there are only 80 days left to go,” Naval Station Norfolk School Liaison Officer Terrilyn Williams said. “I think it is really unique that Tarrallton is aware of the Centennial that is taking place at Naval Station Norfolk and that they brought the two events together in a banner presentation to the Commanding Officer of the base.

There were two presenters from each grade to speak about the history of the base, the Commonwealth of Virginia and Captain Beaver’s career.

“As parents, we try to incorporate the history of the state into our children’s lives. Being stationed here in Virginia with such a rich history really adds to their education,” said Casie McNamer, Tarrallton Volunteer. “To be able to incorporate 100 days of school with Naval Station Norfolk 100 years of service really highlights the history of the base and this particular area. My husband and I love going to Williamsburg and Yorktown to show them the actual place the civil war, World War I and II occurred.”

More than 35 events throughout the year will honor and celebrate Naval Station’s 100th anniversary. The 41st Harborfest along Norfolk’s downtown waterfront will be the City of Norfolk’s signature event. The festivities will create a “homecoming” for those who have ever served at Naval Station Norfolk.

“It’s really great being here in Norfolk. Being a part of the history of the largest Naval Installation in the world celebrating its Centennial makes me very proud to play a part of the yearlong celebration,” Williams said.

The installation will have multiple events planned as well. Events include a throw-back softball game in June celebrating and highlighting the historic McClure Field and the 1943 Navy World Series. In July, the base will be holding an air show highlighting Chambers Field and then conclude the year showcasing modern day Naval Station Norfolk with Fleet Fest on Oct. 21.Type your paragraph here.

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NORFOLK Pilotonline Sept. 14, 2016 
The city is creating a 19-member commission to plan celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Norfolk Naval Station next year.

The base was founded in 1917 on a site at Sewells Point that 10 years earlier had hosted the Jamestown Exposition. The military bought the land just after the nation entered World War I.

“It’s a big deal, the largest naval base in the world turning 100 years old,” said Mayor Kenny Alexander, who will chair the commission.

Other members of the commission include Nicole Carry, a Navy veteran who recently served as an interim City Council member, and two retired flag officers, Vice Adm. David Architzel and Rear Adm. Jack Kavanaugh. Retired Capt. Robert Clark, who commanded Norfolk Naval Station from 2014 to 2015, also will take part.

Alexander said the city will work with the Navy and state and regional officials. The council was scheduled to vote Tuesday evening on a resolution creating the commission and appointing the members.

The City Council is expected to appoint these 19 people to a new Naval Station Norfolk Centennial Commission.

  1. Mayor Kenny Alexander (Chairman)
  2. VADM David Architzel, USN (Ret), Military Economic Development Advisory Committee
  3. Maryellen Baldwin, Navy League Hampton Roads
  4. Barry C. Bishop, Greater Norfolk Corporation
  5. Nicole B. Carry (former City Council member), Electronic Systems, Inc.
  6. CAPT Robert E. Clark, USN (RET), Old Dominion
  7. Robert P. Clinebell, Veterans Advisory Commission
  8. Stella Council, Citizen Member
  9. Rob Cross, Virginia Arts Festival
  10. RADM John T. Kavanaugh, SC, USN, (RET)
  11. Stephen Kirkland, Nauticus
  12. Mary Miller, Downtown Norfolk Council
  13. Arthur W. Moye, Jr., Virginia Maritime Association
  14. John Pentangelo, Hampton Roads Naval Museum
  15. John F. Reinhart, Port of Virginia
  16. Karen Scherberger, Festevents
  17. Bryan K. Stephens, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
  18. Commanding Officer, Norfolk Naval Station* (*  non-voting member)
  19. Executive Officer, Norfolk Naval Station*